Pentas Flower Plant

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Pentas Flower Plant

Pentas flowers are one of the beautiful plants you need for your home . Flowers grows in cluster and cover plant completely .

Pentas Flower Plant Planting and care

Light: This plant need 4-5 hours of direct sunlight , but not the harsh sun of noon . Best to keep it in place where it get 4-5 hours of morning sunlight

Water: Water this plant every day .

Soil: A well-drained potting soil is perfect. You can make potting mix using equal parts of soil , coco-peat , vermi compost

Fertilizer:  Liquid fertilizer or organic compost during the growing season every 15 days or every month

Buyer's Tips
Use cowdung compost for shiny leaves . Cowdung compost bring shine to the leaves .

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Pentas Flower Plant