Maghai Paan Plant , Piper Betel, Betel leaf Plant

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Maghai Paan Plant,Piper Betel, Betel leaf Plant

Betel leaf Plant, also known as maghai paan ,  belongs to peeper family  . It is known for its shining green color and heart shaped leaves . Its a versatile plant used for cooking and medicine . It is native to india where it is usually known for its use in making famous indian dessert pan .

How to care for Betel lead

Light:  It flourishes in partial shade or filtered sunlight   . This plant hates full or direct sun

Water: Water when the top 1 to 2 inches of soil are dry.

Soil: Well drained Soil . Use sand with your potting mixture to make soil well drained .

Temperature: They do best in temperature range (18-24 C)

Fertilizer:  For this plant you can use organic fertilizers like cowdown or vermicompost


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Maghai Paan Plant , Piper Betel, Betel leaf Plant