Ice Plant

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  • Plant Height: 15 cm
  • Planted In : 4' Round Pot

Ice Plant

Ice Plant Planting and care

Light: This plant need 4-5 hours of direct sunlight , but not the harsh sun of noon . Best to keep it in place where it get 4-5 hours of morning sunlight

Water: Regular watering is important for healthy plants. The soil should remain moist at all times, but not too wet, as this can cause rot. Water at the base of the plant to keep the foliage dry and prevent leaf spot and fungal diseases.

Soil: A well-drained potting soil is perfect. You can make potting mix using equal parts of soil , sand , vermi compost

Fertilizer: Organic compost during the growing season every 15 days or every month 

Pest Attack:  This plant is subject to attack from insects, mealybugs . Use neem oil solution to prevent pest attack

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Ice Plant