Stromanthe Triostar

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  • Plant Height: 25 cm
  • Pot Width: 4 inch (10cm)

Stromanthe Triostar

Stromanthe Triostar Plant has beuatiful tri colour leaves which can brighten any indoor space . This plant is very beautiful and is perfect for home decor . The lovely  plant features leaves with green, white-cream patterns & pink lower side

Planting and care

Light: Do not expose it to direct sun. Keep these plants indoor or in shade outdoor. If keeping indoor make sure to place it near window where they get filtered bright light

Water: Keep your triostar stromanthe’s soil consistently moist, but not soggy. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again . 

Soil: A well-drained potting soil is perfect. You can make potting mix using equal parts of soil , coco peat , vermi compost .

Fertilizer:  Liquid fertilizer in the spring and summer. season every month . Avoid fertilizing in the winter, when the plant goes dormant. 

Tips :

  • If you notice dry, brown spots on the leaves, that’s a sign that your plant is getting too much sun. Move your plant to a shadier spot .
  • If you notice crisp, brown leaf edges, that’s a sign that air around plant is too dry. To remedy this situation you can group plant with other humidity loving plants or you can put water filled pebble tray below the plants or you can use humidifier also .  

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