Peace Lily

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  • Plant Height: 30 cm
  • Plant Spread: 10cm

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is very rare indoor plant . It has beautiful dark green leaves , with white color flowers .

Reasons to have Peace Lily in your home

  • Air purifying Plant .
  • Look stunning when flowering happens

How to care for Peace Lily

Light:  Its a shade loving plant .  Don't keep this plant in direct sunlight . It can tolerate low light conditions also , so grows well indoors

Water: Don't over water this plant . Let the soil dry out completely between watering.

Soil: Well drained Soil . Use sand with your potting mixture to make soil well drained .

Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizer during the growing season every month . Don't fertilize this plant in winters . 

Common Problems with Peace lily

Leaves turning yellow:  Yellow leaves are sign of underwatering

Leaf tips turning brown: This is caused by over watering

Wilting leaves: If leaves are wiliting its a sign that plant needs water .

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