Asparagus Foxtail Fern

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  • Packed In: Poly Bag
  • Plant Height: 35 cm
  • Pot width: 4 inch

Asparagus Foxtail Fern

Asparagus Foxtail Fern has unusual symmetrical look . These have arching plumes of tightly packed , needle like leaves . Foxtail is very tough and hardy specimen . Easy to grow plant 

Benefits of Asparagus Foxtail Fern

  • Reduces carbon dioxide levels
  • Reduces airborne dust levels
  • Easy to grow plant

Asparagus Foxtail Planting and care 

Light: Do not expose it to direct sun . Keep them in shady area where there is abundance of bright indirect light . 

Water: These plants are drought tolerant . Between watering lets the soil dry out .

Soil: A well-drained potting soil is perfect. You can make potting mix using equal parts of soil , sand, vermi compost

Temperature: These plants like warm temperatures . During winters keep these plants inside .

Fertilizer:  Liquid fertilizer during the growing season every month . Don't fertilize this plant in winters .

Propagation: They can be divided during repotting. Small shoots can be potted as individual plants.

Pest Attack: These plants are not subject to any pest or insect attacks .

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Asparagus Foxtail Fern