Top 5 Tips for watering plants

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Watering Plants may seems like simple task , but only gardeners know how tricky this can be sometimes . There are multiple factors which needs to be considered while watering your plants

Plant Type

Plants Can be categorised into three categories based on their needs of watering .

  1. Plants which needs soil to be moist . Not soggy soil. Mostly tropical forest plants belongs to this Category . Like Calathea
  2. Plants which needs soil to be partially dry( top 2 inches) between watering . Most of the plants belongs to this category .
  3. Plants which needs soil to be completely dry between watering . Plants which grows in dry areas belongs to this category , like succulents

Soil Mixture

Water holding capacity is different for different soil mixtures .

  1. CoCoPeat holds moisture for longer period of time .
  2. Sand Based mixture don’t hold water . It is very well draining mixture .
  3. Soil based mixture hold average amount of water

Depending on the soil mixture you are using for your plants your watering frequency will change .

Pot Size

The watering holding capacity of pot increases with pot size . If the pot is larger it will take more time to get dry . Depending on pot size frequency of watering should be decided .


In summers you may need to water more frequently as compared to winters . E.x. If you are watering your plant daily in summers you may need to reduce that frequency to may be weekly depending on the weather changes .

Amount of watering

You will need to adjust the amount of water you are giving to plant depending on factors like weather , pot size . If your plant is standing in water for long duration it may lead to root rot . In winters you should give less water to plant as compared to summers , because it takes time for soil to dry up .


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