Top 5 Flowering plants for winters in india

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In northern india from october till february  is winter season . There are many beautiful flowering plants which blossoms during this season . We have brought Top 5 flowering plants for you . Lets have a look

Wax Begonia

Wax begonias have succulent stems; shiny, rounded, green or reddish-brown leaves . They bloom with 1-1/2-inch single or double flowers in shades of red . Best time to grow these flowers are during winters . When fully grown they look splendid .

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Kalancheo needs cold climate and longer dark hours to blossom fully . Hence winters is the ideal time to grow these beautiful plants . These belongs to succulent family and hence needs less water . Kalancheo are available in red , pink , yellow , orange colors

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The poinsettia plant  has bright petals that contain small flowers of green and yellow at the center. Poinsettias come in a range of colors from white to orange, but are most popular in their red variety.

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Guldaudi , Chrysanthemum

Guldaudi are very common to find during winters in India . It is an herbaceous perennial short day plant which brightens up the lawns when most of the winter annuals are in growing stage. These are available in wide range of colors red , yellow , orange .

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Marigold are annual flowering plant grown in winters . These are known for their beautiful yellow color flowers . Plant look extremely beautiful when it is fully covered with flowers . Marigold are mostly available  in yellow or orange color .

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