How to prepare soil mixture for plants

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how to prepare soil mixture for plants |

Importance of right soil mixture

All plants are grown in soil . Plants get their air , water and nutrients from soil .   Correct soil mixture is very important for the growth and health of the plant . A good soil mixture will make your plants thrive , where as if soil mixture is not correct your plants will be weak , unhealthy and will require more work on the  maintenance of plants and chances of survival of plants will be skimp .

Ingredients of soil mixture

There are multiple ingredients which you can choose while making your soil mixture . Each ingredient has it own characteristics .

  • CocoPeat : It is made from coconut husk .  It is very light weight , well draining and retains moisture for longer period of time . It is not rich in  nutrients
  • Garden soil : Garden soil is not that well draining but  is rich in nutrients . Most of the outdoor plants are plants in garden soil .
  • Sand : 
    These soils have quick water drainage .It suffer from low nutrients that are washed away by rain. The addition of organic matter can help give plants an additional boost of nutrients by improving the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Organic Compost :
    Added as fertilizer in soil mixture . Organic compost is slow release fertilizer , which keeps on releasing nutrients slowly .
  • Perlite : Perlites are lightweight volcanic rocks naturally filled with air . It doesn't decompose with time nor lose its aerating ability if the potting mix is compressed. It even provides potassium and magnesium to plants

Types of soil mixtures

Different types of soil mixtures |

CocoPeat Based

This is most commonly used soil mixture . This soil mixture is able to retain water for longer time period , rich in nutrients , light weight , well draining . Addition of perlite makes this mixture porous , increases the air holding capacity of soil .

Components :

1 Part Coco Peat
1 Part Garden Soil
1 Part Organic Fertilizer
1 Part Perlite
Suitable For : This soil mixture is suitable for tropical plants which loves moist , well draining soil. 

Sand Based

Sand Based soil mixtures doesn't hold water for longer period of time . It is well draining , light weight mixture . This soil mixture is suitable for plants which grows in dry deserted regions like succulents , cactis and doesn't need much water for survival

Components :

2 Part Sand
1 Part Garden Soil
1 Part Organic Fertilizer

Suitable For: Succulents and cactis .

Garden Soil Based

Garden Soil based soil mixture is rich in nutrients . Its not that well draining and moderately hold moisture . This soil mixture is suitable for plants that doesn't need much water . Flowering plants are ideal for this soil mixture

Components :

2 Part Garden Soil
1 Part Sand
1 Part Organic Fertilizer
1 Part perlite

Suitable For: Flowering Plants

How to choose soil mixture

In order to choose right soil mixture for your plant , you need to know the requirements of your plants . Below are the factors to consider when choosing soil mixture

  • Does your plant need moist soil ?
  • Does your plant grow in deserted / dry areas ?
  • Does your plant need well draining soil or not ?
  • Nutrients requirements of plants ?

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